How is the cost of a trip calculated? The time for the car use starts from the moment of unlocking a car and ends when a car is locked with an app. How to get started with CityBee and what do you need to sign up? To sign up, you need to download the CityBee app to your smart iOS or Android telephones, enter the requested personal data and a valid telephone number to verify your signing up. Do you need to pay for the fuel? How to refill? When using CityBee, you do not need to pay for the fuel - you will pay only for the time used and for kilometers driven. How should I link a payment card to make a successful payment? Svarbu, kad kortelės tipas būtų VISA, MasterCard arba American Express bei būtų aktyvuoti saugūs pirkimai internetu. Where can I go with CityBee car and what is CityBee parking zone? On the map of CityBee app, you can see orange territory, it's CityBee parking zone, where you can start and finish journeys with CityBee Is signing up for CityBee paid? Do you apply any membership fees? Signing up for CityBee is free. And no membership fees are applied. How long does it take to register? It takes only a couple of minutes to register at CityBee and it is super easy. No need to travel anywhere, you do it through your phone. Can legal entities (companies) sign up for CityBee? Yes! To sign an agreement with CityBee, write to info@citybee.lt and we will send you a use agreement and instructions. How to reserve and unlock a car? When reserving a car, you have two options. How to pay for CityBee services? To get started with CityBee, you must link a payment card to your CityBee account. Are there any extra fees for using a CityBee service? No signing up or membership fees apply Are CityBee cars insured? All CityBee cars are insured with the compulsory third-party liability and Casco. What to do in the event of a car accident? In the event of a car accident, please follow the road traffic rules applied in Lithuania. What to do if the car breaks down? Please contact us at +370 70077084 How to start using bikes? Download the CityBee app and sign up. Add a Visa, Mastercard or American Express debit or credit card to your account. Now You Can Use Bikes! How and where should I take a bike from? In the app, enter the number of the bike, which you can find on its wheel, and then click "Unlock" in the app. How much does it cost to use a bike? With a subscription, you get an unlimited number of 30 min trips. While not having a subscription, you will pay only for the time of using bike. Half hour price - 0.5 €. Can one person take several bikes on his/her name? One user can take one vehicle. Can bikes be used by minors? Yes. But signing up for CityBee must be performed as usual. How should I return a bike? ● Put a bike in a CityBee bike rack. ● Lock it manually. ● When locked, click complete trip in the app. Can bikes be reserved? No. There is no possibility to reserve a bike in advance. Can persons under the age of 18 use bikes? Yes, bikes can be used by people of all ages who have a personal CityBee account. To use bikes, you just need to download the app CityBee on your smart Android or iOS telephone. Do I have to add a driver’s license to use bikes? No, driver’s license confirmation is required only to use a car sharing service. What weight can a bicycle or its bag hold? A CityBee bike can hold up to 120 kg and its bag - 5 kg. Can I stop with a bike outside a zone for a short time? / Should I lock a bike? Yes, if you leave a bike for a short time, please use a CityBee bike lock available on a bike you use. I forgot my personal belongings in a car. What should I do? If you forgot your personal belongings in a CityBee car, please contact us immediately at 8 700 44844. Can I carry children? Yes. Children must be carried in kids’ chairs. Can I carry pets? Pets can only be carried in cars in special pet transport boxes. I found the car damaged/dirty. What should I do? Please take a photo and send it to us by email info@citybee.lt or a Facebook message and indicate a vehicle state plate number. What are CityBee cars? CityBee cars are new and in a good technical condition. Is smoking allowed in cars? Smoking is prohibited in CityBee cars. A fine for smoking in a car is €50. Should I wash a CityBee car? No. When using a CityBee car, you do not need to take care of its cleanliness or maintenance, we will take care of it ourselves. What should I do if I find a car damaged? If the damage is marked with an orange sticker REPORTED, we already know about the damage and you do not need to report it to us. And what should I do if I cause damage to the car? Please report it to us by telephone +370 700 44844 and a CityBee super hero will help you! What to do if the car gets dirty during a long-term reservation? How does long-term car reservation work for individuals? How does long-term car reservation work for legal entities? When can we request an advance payment for a long-term car reservation? What should I do in case of an accident? CityBee paspirtukų klientai yra apdrausti! Can I travel abroad with CityBee? Yes! Just few things you need to know What will happen when I need to replace the seasonal tires or perform technical maintenance, etc.? Do I need to wash the car myself? What to do if the windshield washer fluid or oil is finished? What do I need to do if I want the car interior cleaned? Kaip pasikeisti slaptažodį Norint prisijungti prie CityBee programėlės naudojamas kodas kurį nesenai susikūrėte patys arba biometriniai duomenys. Kaip sužinoti, ar mano duomenys buvo pavogti? Atlikti tokį patikrinimą gali prisijungęs prie interneto svetainėje esančios klientų savitarnos sistemos (selfservice.citybee.lt). Kokie duomenys buvo pavogti? Ar yra pavojus, kad gali būti pasinaudota mano mokėjimo kortele ar vairuotojo pažymėjimu? Ką turėčiau daryti, jei mano duomenys buvo pavogti? Ar dabar saugu naudotis „CityBee“? Dabartine „CityBee“ sistema atitinka aukščiausius IT saugumo reikalavimus. Pagrindo manyti, kad buvo įsilaužta į šiuo metu klientų naudojamą sistemą, neturime. Kur gauti daugiau informacijos, jei nukentėjau nuo duomenų vagystės?
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Do I have to add a driver’s license to use bikes?

No, driver’s license confirmation is required only to use a car sharing service.